Rhode Island – USA

The state of Rhode Island has the smallest land area among all other states in US. Rhode Island is famous for its Gilded Age Mansions, most of which were built during the 19th century. Rich families like the Belmonts, Vanderbilts, Oelrichs built these mansions as their summer cottages.

Some of the most famous are: Rosecliff, The Elms, The Breakers, and Vanderbilt Mansion. The state has a lot of Historic Places listed in the National Register. About 713 are on the list, from its five counties: Bristol, Kent, Newport, Providence and Washington. Aside from the mansions, churches and lighthouses make up most of the list.

Blackstone River and Woonasquatucket River are declared as Amercian Heritage Rivers in the year 1998. Providence River is another major river in RI.

Rhode Island Statehouse, is also listed as a Historic Place. It is made up of marble, iron and bricks. It has the world’s 4th largest self supporting dome and is made up of marble, iron and bricks. Another Historic landmark is the¬†Nelson Aldrich House, a house museum in Providence.

Roger Williams Park was named after the founder of Rhode Island, an American statesman with the ideals of modern democracy and religious freedom. The park, located south of Providence, has about 427 acres of landscaped area with 7 lakes. Inside the Park are the following attractions: Roger Williams Zoo, Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, botanical gardens, Dalrymple Boathouse, playgrounds and walkways.

Vernon Court at Bellevue is another Gilded Mansion. Built in 1898, it is now a museum which houses an archive of American Illustrations.

Division Street Bridge is another historic bridge aside from Newport Bridge.  Washington Bridge is a bascule bridge that connects Providence to Eastern Providence. Fox Point Hurricane Barrier Gates is a flood barrier along Providence River.

Flying Horse Carousel at Watch Hill, Westerly is one of a kind. Horses are suspended at center frame instead of a wooden platform underneath. Perhaps among the oldest in America, the ride was supposedly built in 1876.

Rhode Island is indeed an exciting place to visit. It is just like a time capsule that brings you 100 years back into America’s history. Just view the other Rhode Island pages by selecting them in menu on the right, i am sure you will find something interesting in each article.

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