State of Washington – USA

The State of Washington is at the North Western end of continental US. The state has a lot of natural attractions, with vast areas occupied by parks and forests which are federal protected areas.

Washington has several bridges which are well deserving to be called attractions because of the beautiful scenery that surrounds them. This bridges include, Agate Pass, Deception Pass Bridge, La Conner Bridge and Umatilla Bridge. The first two are included in US National Register of Historic Places.

Lake Chelan Historical Museum is a good place to stop by. Here you can view photos of Native American History which happened in Chelan County and neighboring areas.

Hiking along the banks of Sammamish River, fishing or bird watching are other things nature trekkers can engage in. Sultan River is another river where one can enjoy paddling, fishing and rafting.

Roche Harbor at San Juan Island is a resort which offers lodging and could be a perfect venue for celebrations. It also offers a breath-taking view of Roche Harbor Marina.

Getting around the state, you may notice government buildings such as Bremerton, General Administrative Building, Capitol Legislative and Temple of Justice. State Old Capitol is a 19th century building which houses most state offices until 1919.

Space Needle is Seattle’s major attraction. It was built for the 1962′s World Fair. To view the other State of Washington pages we have created just select one of the links in the menu on the right side.


Washington Bridge

Another testament to the unwavering strength of the state of Rhode Island is the Washington Bridge in Providence. This strong paired bridge was built in honor of the United State’s first President—President George Washington.

Carrying Interstate 195 and crossing over the Seekonk River, Washington Bridge connects Warren and Taunton Avenues intersection of the East of Providence to the old Fox Point Boulevard in Providence. The wide bridge has four lanes, two for each direction. It is beautifully adorned with four huge stone monuments, bearing identical dedications in bronze for the late President Washington. The bridge’s design is comparable to Washington DC’s Arlington Memorial bridge, with the arches and the stone façade.

The original span of the bridge (the southern part) opened to the public on the 25th of September 1930. Over the succeeding decades, Washington Bridge underwent several reconstructions and repairs to better serve the needs of the growing population of the state. By the end of 1959, the bridge was extended to reach the Massachusetts border. In 1968, a twinned bridge was added to the north side of the original span. And in 1996, the twin bridges needed massive repair that required the closing of some lanes. To this day, Washington Bridge still serves well the people of Rhode Island and all travelers that come its way.

Washington State Legislature

The law making body of state of Washington is the Washington State Legislature. Composed of 98 representatives in the Washington House of Representatives and 49 Senators in the Washington State Senate, the Washington State Legislature is a bicameral body. Meetings of State Legislature are held in Olympia at the Legislative Building in the Washington State Capitol.

The Washington State Legislature has its origins in 1853 with the birth of the Washington Territory. This happened after extensive arguments and debates between the north Columbia River settlers and the Federal Government for the legal separation of Washington State from that of Oregon.

The bicameral legislature of the Washington State Legislature convened for the first time the next year. The representatives of the legislature were from present-day Montana to the Juan de Fuca straits.
The legislators which comprise the bicameral body start the legislative session yearly on the 2nd Monday of January. During the years that are odd-numbered, during the time of debates on state budget, the sessions of the State Legislature last for 105 days, and in the years that are even-numbered, sessions last for 60 days.

At any time of the year, the Governor of Washington, when necessary, has the right to call legislators in for a special session for a whole month. A special session can be held by the legislators themselves in cases wherein votes for this purpose amount to two-thirds vote of legislators from both houses Legislators.